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The Mirror Tree

2018 (In Post-Production)

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Luke Perczyk, Bethan Langford, Ian Kane and Introducing Annabelle Pengilley

Produced By

Andrew Pengilley

Written By

Andrew Pengilley

Music By

Andrew Lister

Edited And Directed By

Andrew Pengilley


An introverted boy is given a magic leaf from 'The Mirror Tree' that transports him to another world.

Festival Showings

CKF International Film Festival - February 2019 - Kent, England

SHORT to the Point - April 2019 - Bucharest

Direct Monthly Online Film Festival (DMOFF) - May 2019

MisCon International Short Film Festival - May 2019 - Missoula, MT USA

UK Monthly Film Festival - June 2019

The Lift-Off Sessions - Lift-Off Global Network - June 2019 - Pinewood Studios, England