The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast



A dark, cautionary Christmas tale. Based around the story of Cain and Abel from the book of Genesis.

Festival Showings

The Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner) - 2013 - Cannes, France

The Trinity International Film Festival - 2013 - Detroit, Michigan USA

The Misty Moon International Film Festival - 2013 - London, UK

The American Online Film Awards - 2014 - New York USA

The Cinema Club Festival (XXIX) - 2014 - Brooklyn, New York USA

The Novella Showcase - 2014 -  New York USA

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Running Time 16:00


16:9 HDV & 16MM



Rebecca Rogers

Peter Kirkby

Anna Newcome

Liz James

Oliver Pengilley

Tracy M Reid

Dawei Qi

Produced By

Andrew Pengilley

Oliver Pengilley

Stefan Driess

David Hickey

Music By

Kris Derry

Written, Edited And

Directed By

Andrew Pengilley