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The Legend Of Ida Temperance Smith

2009 / Running Time 13:06 / Colour & Black & White / 16:9 HDV

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Whilst trekking across Dartmoor, a sister reads to her brother about a local legend; of a young woman (Ida Temperance Smith) who went missing up on the moor, and of her mysterious husband who went out to look for her. The gothic tale (A mixture of live-action and animation) unfolds from three view points.



Abigail Pengilley, Matthew J. Sunners, Oliver Pengilley

Produced By

Andrew Pengilley, Oliver Pengilley

Music By

Jim Pooley

Written, Edited, Animated And Directed By

Andrew Pengilley

Festival Showings

The Misty Moon International Film Festival - 2012

The Marbella Film Festival - 2010  

The Lantern Media Festival - 2009  

The Portobello Film Festival - 2009


I love stories about myths and legends! The telling of Ida's tale feels very authentic, as if it came right out of folklore. Not to be missed is the correlation of the Smiths to the siblings' parents, adding an extra layer of meaning to the intriguing archetype of Mr. Smith, a symbol of the eternal seeker in all of us. Picturesque locations provide a spectacular backdrop and evoke feelings of mystery and awe, while the storybook-like animations contribute to the sense of fairy tale and feeling of genuine legend. Kudos to the actors as well, who are very natural and convincing. Well done Andrew!    ★★★★    Susan Lien Whigham - Independent filmmaker

Fascinating...a really compelling film! Wonderful sense of foreboding and great use of the light and colour spectrum. A wonderful blend of imagery so fitting to the narrative! Quite a range too, of shadow/silhouette techniques. Please keep on with your creative work.  Gordon Martin (Lotte Reiniger associate)

An ambitious tale that mixes live action and animation. A reminder that a short film can have a beginning, middle and end.

Very, very nicely done. Beautiful images, lighting, story, etc. etc. The actors are very good. Choice of shots, props, animation and all are really excellent. You definitely have talent as a director or as an art director or cinematographer. I will look for any other projects you do, hopefully in the movie theatre!    Chris Traub - Independent filmmaker