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Oliver Pengilley: Fine Art As Worship Digital Download £3.99 * Download link emailed after purchase.

2010 / Running Time: 49:00 / 16:9 HDV

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Oliver Pengilley, Jo Simpson, Samantha Peters, Emily Simpson

Score By

Jim Pooley

Songs By

Alistair Mackenzie, Kevin Rowe, Sarah Seagram, Jessica Verner

Edited & Directed By

Andrew Pengilley


Oliver Pengilley is a professional artist who has become widely known through his inspired paintings. Oliver's combination of artistic excellence and spiritual sensitivity enables him to capture and convey images that bring comfort and envisioning to many. Oliver has painted in many parts of the USA, Canada and Europe, painting during live music sessions, one-on-one training and running workshops.

"I really want my work to reach the hearts of many people. As a Christian, I hope to convey relationship and hope in all my works. Painting has been my life from an early age, learning from my parents, then through various further education courses. I have been on a continual creative journey with my art, including painting, sculpture and now animation.  I am so blessed to be doing what I love for a living, thank you to all those who have supported me through the years, and to my heavenly Father for the inspiration."

This is his instructional documentary on how to use fine art as worship.

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