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The John Bats Chronicles: First Encounter 
2015 (05:06 mins)
48hr Film Challenge Short FilmThe_John_Bats_Chronicles%3A_First_Encounter.html
The Painting
2009 (10:14 mins)
Dramatic Short FilmThe_Painting.html
The Legend Of Ida Temperance Smith
2009 (13:07 mins)
Period Drama Short FilmThe_Legend_Of_Ida_Temperance_Smith.html
The Rebel, The Soldier And The Outcast
2013 (09:58 mins)
Thriller Short FilmThe_Rebel,_The_Soldier_And_The_Outcast.html
The River
2011 (02:40 mins)
Experimental Short Film
2015 (09:33 mins)
Dramatic Short FilmRattle.html
“We Were Like Those Who Dreamed”
2015 (03:08 mins)
Experimental Short FilmWe_Were_Like_Those_Who_Dreamed.html
Oliver Pengilley: FIne Art As Worship
Documentary (Trailer)Oliver_Pengilley%3A_Fine_Art_As_Worship.html
Andrew Pengilley’s Hitchhiker
2014 (06:47 mins)
Improvised Experimental Short Film
The Mirror Tree
2019 (13:28 mins)
Fantasy Short Filmthemirrortree.html
The Saltford Drama Club
2011 (29:00 mins)
Docu-Drama Short FilmThe_Saltford_Drama_Club.html
2012 (02:00 mins)
Experimental Short Film